Made to Order
Sarah's passion started from creating unique one off pieces and it's an art form that she continues to do everyday.
We love to work with your heirloom stones and metals to rework them into one of our designs.  

Sarah works tirelessly on every bespoke piece to ensure t
he sentimental value is upheld and honoured.

Whether you're within Australia or overseas we can organise email, phone or zoom consultations to ensure your very special custom piece is perfect.

Production times vary due to sourcing gemstones, but we will always do our best to accommodate your time frame.
The custom order process generally takes 8-12 weeks. 

If there is a piece from a collection that you cannot see in the boutique or if the metal or stone you would like is not available please contact us.
As all our pieces are hand made, you have the option to customise each jewel.
Please email us at  with as much information as possible (with links or photos) and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.